Principal's Message

It is my pleasure to serve this fantastic community in the capacity of building leader and principal. Our focus is Always kids first! We are committed to uplifting our students and letting them know that they are intelligent, talented and capable of obtaining success in life!

This school year Fairfield will be joining the Superintendent in embracing the theme “Building a Culture of Excellence”. School culture is an essential ingredient for student academic success. Working together as administrators, teachers, parents and students we can create an environment where excellence becomes not only expected but irrefutable.
We will also be implementing a challenge: Win by Ten.
We all know that the mark of student success is not necessarily passing the end of the year exam, but rather helping students to grow and become smarter in their academic journey. Winning by ten simply means that it is our expectation that every student can and will grow by ten points on every task; assignment, assessment, rubric. Whatever challenge they face we are asking that they show growth. To show solidarity with our students, uniting the entire campus of Fairfield, every teacher is welcome to join the challenge to Win by Ten as well.

I, along with my administrators and staff, are committed to ensuring a successful year for all of our Fairfield students! Know that tomorrows are not promised but are fantastic when they arrive.

Jamel A. Gibson, Principal