Communities in Schools After School Activities

January 12, 2021

Are you looking for after school activities that will motivate and empower your middle schooler?

We are currently accepting students for 2 amazing programs at no cost to our families and we are working on adding additional opportunities very soon.

Contact Mrs. Collins for more information:

804-476-2503 (call or text)



Game On, Girl!

Game On, Girl! Is a comprehensive initiative to empower girls to be physically active, nutritionally fit and ready to take on the world! Currently meetings are virtual but we will transition to in person as soon as we are able to.



YMCA Y Achievers Leadership Program

We believe that teens are our future leaders and we want to make sure they are ready for that role. Y Achievers empowers students with the tools they need to be successful in school and life while exposing them to various career and post-high school educational opportunities.  Meetings are in person at the Chickahominy YMCA. Covid guidelines are precautions are followed to ensure the safety of all participants and staff. YMCA bus transportation is available for students on a limited basis.


Specialty Center Information Updates

November 5, 2020

Specialty Center Testing – Link https://henricoschools.us/specialty-centers/  The 2021-22 specialty center assessment test for all students currently enrolled in Henrico County middle schools will be administered in February.  For further details and information please check your email. This year’s test includes up to three sections:  reading, mathematics, and writing. Students will be allowed 45 minutes for each section of the test.  For the writing assessment, students will be given two persuasive prompts from which to choose.  Students will select one of the prompts and will be given 45 minutes to complete their essay. As part of the application process, students must take the specific tests that the centers to which they are applying require. Please click on this link for more detailed information HCPS Student Assessment Information  Start time for each assessment will be 2:15pm

Date Assessment
February 2, 2021 Writing
February 3, 2021 Reading Comprehension
February 4, 2021 Mathematics
Make-up Test Dates
February 9, 2021 Writing
February 10, 2021 Reading Comprehension
February 11, 2021 Mathematics

Checking Out Library Books During Virtual Learning

September 28, 2020

A Message from the Library: Did you know that your child can still check out books from our school library, even during virtual learning? This past week, our FMS Library shared information with our English Teachers and students about how students can check out books from our library with Curbside Pick-Up.  Students can go to the FMS Library Course in Schoology, click on the BookHUB Request link, complete the form, and summit it.  Once the Library Staff gets the request, we will message the student back when the book will be ready for Curbside Pick-Up. The pick up hours are Wednesdays 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. and Thursdays 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. in front of the FMS gym. Also, we would like to encourage students to return any library books from any HCPS Library to our Return Bin that sets in front of our FMS main office from 8 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. each school day.  Thanks for all of your help!

HCPS Annual Child Find Notice

September 14, 2020


Please click here to view the HCPS Annual Child Find Notice

Virtual Learning Note from HCPS Central Office

September 14, 2020

This is a special note from HCPS central office leaders:

Dear Families,

During virtual learning, the instructional time students receive should be free from distraction and disruption. Students are expected to adhere to the Henrico County Public Schools Code of Student Conduct and parents are expected to comply with the HCPS School Visitor Policy. We have received inquiries as to whether it’s allowable for students and/or parents to video-record lessons, take pictures of a student’s screen during a class lesson, and/or use an extension or app to record, edit, or share class lessons. Video recording and the use of these types of extensions or apps, should not be used to record any lesson or part of a lesson that also includes other students participating. Videoing, recording or photographing lessons when other students are participating in the lesson is not allowable due to students’ rights to privacy under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). HCPS must adhere to the requirements of FERPA and is committed to maintaining a distraction-free, safe learning environment for students and staff; thus these behaviors are also not allowable as outlined in both the HCPS Code of Student Conduct and School Visitor Policy.

The HCPS Code of Student Conduct states that “Students using cell phones or other electronic devices to record anything or anyone without authorization on school property or at school events is strictly prohibited.” As is the case with all Code of Student Conduct violations, there are consequences for failure to adhere to the guidelines within the code. 

The HCPS School Visitor Policy (P11-08), which applies to all visitors to School Board property (including HCPS-led virtual learning sessions) states that visitors “are expected to be professional, respectful and courteous in their interactions with students, School Board employees and other visitors. Any person who disrupts the educational environment or physically or verbally abuses, threatens, or harasses students, employees or other visitors on School Board property either in person, by telephone or through other electronic communications, may have their access to School Board property restricted in accordance with this policy.”

Again, even in the virtual learning environment, the Code of Student Conduct and visitor policy remain in effect. While we encourage all parents to have an active role in their child’s education, we take very seriously our responsibility to provide all of our students and staff members with a safe and healthy learning and working environment.

HCPS Information on Completion of School Forms and Laptop Logins

August 27, 2020

This message contains two important pieces of information for Henrico families and students:

1) How to complete your back-to-school forms

2) An easier way to obtain your student’s login information for their Chromebook or laptop

(Desplazar el cursor hacia abajo para leer este mensaje en español.)

Even though the year will begin in a predominantly virtual format, there are still some traditional things our schools must collect. That includes back-to-school forms!

New this year: Families of students in ALL grade levels can complete those forms online by using the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Just follow these steps:

  1. Log on to your account in the PowerSchool Parent Portal. (Don’t have a parent portal account yet? Create one by going to the PowerSchool section of this page: https://henricoschools.us/online-services/ and clicking on “New User Information”.)
  1. Once logged in to PowerSchool, look for “Access Online Forms” on the left-hand side of the page.
  2. That will take you to “Rycor Online Forms” (part of a website known as “StudentQuickPay.com”)
  3. Find your student(s) name(s) at the top of the screen. Click on each name and carefully read then follow the instructions on the screen. Repeat this process for each student enrolled in HCPS.

STARTING TODAY: On the PowerSchool Parent Portal you can now find your child’s log-in information for their device (Chromebook/laptop) as well as Clever. After you log in to PowerSchool, look for “Student Account Access” on the left hand side*. For elementary students this will include your child’s Username, Password, Email, Lunch ID, and Student Number.  For middle/high school students this will include your child’s Username, Email, Lunch ID, and Student Number.

(*Available only on the web browser version of PowerSchool. This new feature is not on the PowerSchool app.)

If you have not created your PowerSchool Parent Portal account or need to add an additional student to your account, please “Click Here” for step-by-step instructions.

If you encounter any issues with PowerSchool: Please email the help desk at helpdesk@henrico.k12.va.us or call 804-328-5207.  Para asistencia en español, llame al 804-527-4604

If you encounter any issues with completing your forms: Contact rycorsupport@henrico.k12.va.us. Help may also be available by contacting your school with questions.

Familias de Henrico,

A pesar de que el año comenzará de forma predominantemente virtual, todavía hay algunas cosas tradicionales que nuestras escuelas deben recolectar. ¡Eso incluye formularios de regreso a clases!

Nuevo este año: las familias de los estudiantes en todos los niveles de grado pueden completar esos formularios en línea mediante elportal para padres de PowerSchool. Sólo siga estos pasos:

  1. Inicie sesión en su cuenta en el portal para padres de PowerSchool
  2. ¿Aún no tiene una cuenta en el portal para padres? Cree uno yendo a la sección PowerSchool de esta página: https://henricoschools.us/online-services/ y haga clic en “Información de nuevo usuario”.
  3. Una vez que haya iniciado sesión en PowerSchool, busque “Acceder a formularios en línea” en el lado izquierdo de la página (Access Online Forms).
  4. Eso lo llevará a “Rycor Online Forms” (parte de un sitio web conocido como “StudentQuickPay.com”)
  5. Busque el nombre de su estudiante (s) en la parte superior de la pantalla. Haga clic en cada nombre y lea atentamente y luego siga las instrucciones en pantalla. Repita este proceso para cada estudiante inscrito en HCPS.

COMENZANDO HOY: En su cuenta del Portal para Padres de PowerSchool, ahora puede encontrar la información de inicio de sesión de su hijo para su dispositivo (Chromebook / computadora portátil), así como Clever. Para los estudiantes de primaria, esto incluirá el nombre de usuario, la contraseña, el correo electrónico, la identificación del almuerzo y el número de estudiante de su hijo. Para los estudiantes de escuela media/secundaria, esto incluirá el nombre de usuario, correo electrónico, identificación del almuerzo y número de estudiante de su hijo.

Si no ha creado su cuenta del Portal de Padres de PowerSchool o necesita agregar un estudiante adicional a su cuenta, por favor haga clic aquí (Click Here)  para obtener instrucciones paso a paso. Si tiene algún problema, envíe un correo electrónico a la mesa de ayuda a helpdesk@henrico.k12.va.us.us o llame al 804-527-4604

Henrico Schools using “Anonymous Alerts” system to improve communication about safety concerns

August 28, 2019

What is Anonymous Alerts?

The Anonymous Alerts safety and anti-bullying reporting system helps combat negative activity in schools by empowering students to speak up. Social and peer pressure are some of the hardest obstacles for students to overcome.

The system allows for one-way or two-way anonymous encrypted communication between those submitting reports (students, parents or community members) and school division administration and staff members. System users have the option to remain anonymous or reveal their identity when submitting a report.

How does it work?

To use the new app, students, parents or others simply visit the Henrico County Public Schools website and click on the “Anonymous Alerts” button or the text link to submit a report expressing a concern. Anonymous Alerts apps can be downloaded directly from the Apple, Google Play or Chrome stores.

Users enter Henrico Schools’ Anonymous Alerts activation code – Henrico – and select the school to which the message should go. Informational posters explaining how to use the system will be displayed in HCPS schools and offices.

To send reports from the internet, go to: https://report.anonymousalerts.com/henrico.

To send a report from your phone:

  • Download the free Anonymous Alerts app from the Apple Store, Google Play store or Chrome store.
  • Launch the app and enter the activation code, Henrico.
  • Send important reports to school officials.
  • If desired, add a screenshot, photo or video about the incident.



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