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Welcome to Fairfield’s IB International Program:

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Please download the updated All About IB guide. This document will provide detailed information about HCPS IB policies and important documents.

You have questions? We have answers! Please refer to the Top Ten FMS IB Program Reminders List for some quick information about IB student responsibilities. Email the FMS IB Coordinator, Kashira Turner with any other questions

Summer Reading 2022

Go to for information about the IB Summer Reading. Students should have submitted this to their English teacher electronically or on paper during the first week of school. Within the first few months of school, students will complete an IB Assessment in English class that is connected to their summer reading.

Fall 2022 IB Newsletter:

Here is the link for the Fall 2022 IB Newsletter.

Service As Action (SAA) Information:

You are required to have 15 hours for the 2022-2023 school year which are due by May 8.  Please click this link to log your hours and reflect on your experiences. Students must log into their school gmail account in order to access the link. No paper logs will be accepted. Check out our SAA Website for more information about what counts for hours. Click here for a list of possible service opportunities. Please email Ms. Turner with questions.

IB Assessment Scores
We are proud to be an IB World School, which means we uphold the highest standards and practices for IB schools across the globe.  A key component of teaching and learning through IB is assessment based on IB objectives and criteria.  Your child will complete at least one IB assessment per unit of instruction in each subject, and those tasks will be scored based on subject-specific IB rubrics that have clear descriptors for each score.  We will provide and review the rubric(s) for each task as it is assigned, and you will be able to find them in your child’s notebook and/or on Schoology. In PowerSchool, you will notice that some assignments are listed as “IB Assess Criterion (A, B, C, or D)”, might be entered multiple times for the different criteria assessed, and have scores ranging from 0 to 8 rather than 0 to 100.  These IB scores represent current performance levels and, if viewed over the course of the year, are a gauge of your child’s development of subject-based skills, concepts, and content per criterion.  As IB scores, these entries into PowerSchool do not factor into your child’s average (you will see an asterisk that notes this next to each IB score).  We believe that students deserve credit for their assignments; therefore, the same task will be entered as a Henrico County grade out of 100% that does average into their quarterly grades.  As you view the IB and HCPS scores, we encourage you to talk with your child about his/her performance and development in the IB subject areas, using the rubrics and assessment directions to guide your conversations.  Please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or our IB  coordinator if you have any questions about IB assessment tasks, scoring, or HCPS grades.